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Q1/2022 Release Roundup: Announcing VictoriaMetrics v1.76 & More

by Jean-Jerome Schmidt-Soisson on Apr 8, 2022

The VictoriaMetrics v1.76 release headlines our first VictoriaMetrics releases roundup blog post, which summarises all the releases we published in the first quarter of 2022; and includes feature highlights such as multi-level downsampling (the most wanted Vicky feature in 2021).


Monitoring Proxmox VE via Managed VictoriaMetrics and vmagent

by Denys Holius on Mar 25, 2022

Monitoring Proxmox hypervisor via VictoriaMetrics, vmagent and built-in metric server


Running VictoriaMetrics on ARM-based processors

by Nikolay Khramchikhin on Mar 11, 2022

VictoriaMetrics has new production ready builds for ARM


Managed VictoriaMetrics announcement

by Roman Khavronenko on Feb 14, 2022

We are glad to announce the availability of Managed VictoriaMetrics - try it right now!


Benchmarking Prometheus-compatible time series databases

by Roman Khavronenko on Jan 17, 2022

A Helm chart for pushing node_exporter metrics to Prometheus-compatible systems via remote_write protocol


What’s new in VictoriaMetrics 2021?

by Aliaksandr Valialkin on Jan 7, 2022

With more than 20 new releases of VictoriaMetrics published during 2021, a features roundup seemed appropriate. This blog walks you through the key VM features released in 2021.


Vicky User Community 2021: Thank You for the Contributions!

by Roman Khavronenko on Jan 7, 2022

In this post, we want to say “Thank you!” to all the people who helped VictoriaMetrics become what it is today and that we appreciate their contributions via this overview of the most interesting user blog posts of the year and a shortlist of top community contributors.


With 36M+ Downloads, VictoriaMetrics Skyrockets to New Heights: 2021 in Review

by Jean-Jerome Schmidt-Soisson on Jan 6, 2022

This ‘VictoriaMetrics 2021 Momentum Milestones’ blog post provides a summary of this year’s main achievements with our top features, blogs and talks


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