The Simple & Reliable Logs Solution That Scales

High Performance | Open Source | Logs Database

Easily Build a Logging Platform

1. Collect

Accept logs from existing logging agents, pipelines & streams

2. Store

Efficiently store them in a highly-optimised log database

3. Analyze

Query & analyse the data at lightning-fast speed

The Easy Choice for Mission-critical Logging

Simple & powerful query language - LogsQL - for full-text search
Schema-less with support of arbitrarily structured and unstructured logs
Best compression rate for logs
Efficient CPU & memory usage during data ingestion
Highly scalable & distributed (single binary or cluster)
Cloud ready
Kubernetes ready
Simple set-up & operation
Integrated with popular logging agents such as FluentBit, Promtail & Logstash
Provides advanced log analytics capabilities

Getting Started

Getting started is simple: The binaries are distributed via GitHub releases, and you can find images on the Official Docker Hub Repository.
VictoriaLogs runs in Kubernetes, cloud, edge, and/or bare metal.

Top Features

Easy-to-use yet powerful query language with full-text search capabilities
Low CPU and Memory usage at log ingestion
Low disk space usage
Operational simplicity: Easy to set up & operate
Linear scalability for any arbitrary large workloads
First-class solution for Cloud and Kubernetes
Integrates well with existing solutions
Multi-tenancy support

Key Benefits

  • Easy migration from other solutions
  • Cost-efficient compared to similar log solutions
  • Less operational maintenance overhead
  • Reduced time to discovery of issues and problem root-cause
  • Ad-hoc log analysis of large volumes of data

Typical Use Cases for VictoriaLogs

VictoriaMetrics fits ideally for SRE, DevOps and SE engineers who need to provide logging solutions as a platform for their entire company or for given teams.

It works for companies of any size: From startups to large enterprises.

We serve users, and customers who tend to have previously faced problems with other solutions.

24h Support

Need Support?

Ground Control Is Here to Help With Support From The Core Team.

Ground Control is here to provide enhanced technical support, architectural and security guidance, help with adoption, integration and performance analytics.