The Query Language for VictoriaMetrics

Time Series Data Visualization & Analysis Made Simple
Powerful query language for VictoriaMetrics components
Functionally compatible with PromQL®
Makes visualizing and analyzing time series data easy
Intended for alerting on metrics

Key Benefits

MetricsQL covers a wide variety of functions, such as:
Functions for better-obtaining outliers
Getting the latest data points on a custom interval
Anomaly detection functions
SLO/SLI calculation
IOT-related functions
MetricsQL is exposed as a library so users can embed it in their own applications and solutions.

Why Use MetricsQL?

MetricsQL helps engineers and data analysts investigate time series data. They use it as a query language for dashboard visualizations, defining alerting and recording rules, and trends calculation.
Dashboard Visualizations
Defining Recording Rules
Defining Alerting Rules
Trends Calculations

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