VictoriaMetrics: The High-Performance, Open Source Time Series Database & Monitoring Solution

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VictoriaMetrics is a fast and scalable open source time series database and monitoring solution that lets users build a monitoring platform without scalability issues and minimal operational burden.
Store millions of data points per second on a single instance, or scale to a high-load monitoring system across multiple data centers.
Stores 10x more data using the same compute and storage resources as existing solutions.
VictoriaMetrics boasts:
Highest Ingestion Rate
Fastest Query Performance
Smallest Disk Storage Size
Lowest Memory Usage
Long-term Storage for Metrics
Highly Scalable
Cloud Readiness
Simple Set-up & Operation

How VictoriaMetrics Works

VictoriaMetrics is powered by a number of components that make it the perfect solution for collecting metrics (both push and pull models) as well as running queries and generating alerts.
Compatible with Prometheus & Grafana
Accepts metrics in InfluxDB, Graphite, OpenTSDB & CSV protocols.
Suitable for running in Kubernetes, Docker or bare metal.

The VictoriaMetrics Components

VictoriaMetrics Single
VictoriaMetrics Cluster
VictoriaMetrics Single
  • Hassle-free monitoring solution
  • Easily handles 10M+ of active time series on a single instance
  • Perfect for small and medium environments
VictoriaMetrics Cluster
  • Highly available, horizontally scalable monitoring solution optimized for high performance
  • Supports multiple independent namespaces (aka multi-tenancy) & replication
  • For large or rapidly growing environments
  • Lightweight agent that helps users collect metrics from various sources
  • Store metrics in VictoriaMetrics or any other Prometheus-compatible storage system
  • Creates VictoriaMetrics data backups from instant snapshots & restores data from backups
  • Executes a list of given alerting or recording rules against configured addresses
  • Supports retroactive rules backfilling
  • Kubernetes operator for automated provisioning, scaling & management
  • Simple auth proxy & router for VictoriaMetrics
  • Data migration tool for Prometheus, Thanos, InfluxDB, OpenTSDB and VictoriaMetrics itself

Why Use VictoriaMetrics

VictoriaMetrics is ideal to solve use cases with big amounts of time series data for IT infrastructure, APM, Kubernetes, IoT sensors, automotive vehicles, industrial telemetry, financial data and various other Enterprise-level workloads.
We serve users and customers who typically:
Have big volume of metrics and strict latency requirements
Want to store data for long-term purposes in the most cost-effective manner
Need to query data collected from many sources in one place
Struggling with existing solutions and are looking for an efficient replacement
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Who Uses VictoriaMetrics?

Our users and customers are typically:
Seeking a long term storage solution for Prometheus.
Reaching limits of their current monitoring solutions and seeking a better option than InfluxDB, Thanos, Cortex, Graphite, Zabbix etc.
Getting started with monitoring and planning ahead for the best available solution.

Some of Our Users & Customers

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