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KubeCon + CloudNativeCon 2023: Container no-brainers

by Adrian Bridgwater - Computer Weekly on Apr 18, 2023

According to Roman Khavronenko, co-founder of monitoring specialist VictoriaMetrics, monitoring Kubernetes and Kubernetes applications is the most popular use case for most monitoring solutions.


Pushing your platform full steam ahead

by on Apr 3, 2023

If your current approach to data monitoring was not born with scalability in mind, you will not be able to maintain uptime during high-traffic times.


One to Watch: VictoriaMetrics – The story of a startup from Ukraine

by Martin Veitch - The Stack on Mar 20, 2023

The company’s core use case is in the disconnect between business growth and the events triggered by that growth. Metrics, for example, where VictoriaMetrics focuses, are the numerical representatives of system performance of data.


Sustainable data monitoring for high performance

by Nick Gibson - Connected Technology Solutions on Mar 7, 2023

Sustainable data monitoring can cut corporate energy usage by up to 90 per cent, according to VictoriaMetrics.


Open source scaleup builds on 2022 momentum with commitment to 'green' monitoring

by MarketScreener on Mar 3, 2023

The US-based Ukrainian founded scale-up, founded by ex-Google, Cloudflare and Lyftengineers to address flaws with existing open source monitoring solutions, has been designed to strike a careful balance between high performance and environmentally friendly engineering.


VictoriaMetrics leads sustainable data monitoring – slashing corporate energy usage by up to 90%

by Bill Tanner - Intelligent CIO on Mar 2, 2023

VictoriaMetrics has been specifically engineered to offer environmental and operational effectiveness, providing users with valuable insights into energy efficiency to optimize CPU, RAM and storage space – and from there cost.


Kubernetes monitoring best tools

by Antony Savvas - Information Age on Mar 2, 2023

With Kubernetes becoming a key gateway for container software development, efficient monitoring and management of the platform is critical. Antony Savvas considers some of the best tools to help do it.


Rising open source star VictoriaMetrics announces 252% growth in 2022

by Economy Standard on Feb 24, 2023

VictoriaMetrics also made an impact at the cutting edge science, assisting the monitoring tasks of the Compact Muon Solenoid (CMS) experiment at the European laboratory for particle physics, CERN.


Data Centre & Network News

by Beatrice on Jan 26, 2023

The company’s downloads reached 100 million in 2022, including one million on GitHub. Its enterprise offering grew by 289% over the last year, and Grammarly, Wix, and Adidas are among its customers.


Is it time for time series databases?

by Adrian Bridgwater - Computer Weekly on Jan 20, 2023

In our always-on world of continuous computing (and continuous integration and continuous deployment) there is (arguably) a more pressing need for time-series databases.


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