Let Us Monitor Your Time Series Database

We Help You Detect & Mitigate Potential Monitoring Issues in Their Early Stages Before They Have a Negative Impact on Your Infrastructure
MoM - Monitoring of Monitoring is a paid service that VictoriaMetrics users and customers can purchase to further optimize their VictoriaMetrics components.

Key Features

General Set Up Guidance
Monitoring Anomaly Detection
Monitoring Issues Mitigation
Automated Notifications

How MoM Works

Our core team actively monitors your VictoriaMetrics components & provides guidance based on data and usage patterns.
You just need to make one line change in your configuration of your metrics pipeline to send us the health metrics of your VictoriaMetrics components.
Our team will analyse all of its elements and provide the optimizations needed for you to have the best monitoring experience.
We will notify you via commonly used delivery channels (email, slack, pagerduty, etc.) if anything goes wrong or could be improved with your VictoriaMetrics monitoring solution.
This service looks at the metrics generated by your monitoring systems only. It doesn’t require or collect any personal or business data.

Why Use VictoriaMetrics Enterprise Monitoring

Imagine there is an issue with your monitoring setup, but you cannot investigate the root cause because your time series database is not responding: MoM is here to help.
MoM is for both VictoriaMetrics users and Enterprise customers who require an extra level of reliability to their VictoriaMetrics components and their infrastructure overall. This combined with greater ease-of-use and performance deliver the highest level of system optimization.
Extra Reliability
Best Performance
Greater Ease-of-Use
Top System Optimization

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