Managed VictoriaMetrics: The Most Cost-Efficient Hosted Monitoring Platform

Simple | Reliable | Highly Scalable
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Easily Scale to Billions of Time Series, Keep Costs Predictable

Managed VictoriaMetrics is a hosted monitoring platform that provides a managed service for metrics that easily scales to billions of time series while keeping costs predictable.
Efficiently Store & Query Metrics Data
Execute Alerting & Recording Rules
Get Immediate Alert Notifications

Managed VictoriaMetrics provides out of the box

Access Management
Automatic Software & Security Updates
Scheduled Backups
Start Free Trial

with a $200 Starter Offer

What’s In It For You & Your Business?

Business Benefits

  • Build Observability-as-a-service for your organization
  • Save engineering time on managing your monitoring solution
  • Save costs on your monitoring stack

Engineering Benefits

  • Supercharge your Prometheus-based monitoring setup
  • Solve scalability issues as Prometheus long-term storage
  • Get the single pane of glass view with global querying for metrics collected from many sources
  • Reach High Availability for Prometheus

Easy Migration

Migrate from costly & less scalable monitoring solutions such as Managed Prometheus service from AWS, GCP or Azure, InfluxDB Cloud, or your on-premises setup.

Get higher data resolution with much higher cardinality | Run more complex queries

Pricing from $190/month for Starter Tier

Fromper month*$190

Single node
  • OpenTelemetry, InfluxDB, DataDog, NewRelic, OpenTSDB & Graphite ingestion protocols
  • Downsampling
  • Retention filters
  • Alerting & Recording rules
  • Alertmanager
  • Grafana integration
  • AWS PrivateLink
  • Reliability & extraordinary performance with 99.5% SLA

* For a Starter tier single-node deployment handling up to 1M active time series with 1 month retention period

Fromper month*$1300

  • OpenTelemetry, InfluxDB, DataDog, NewRelic, OpenTSDB & Graphite ingestion protocols
  • Downsampling
  • Retention filters
  • Alerting & Recording rules
  • Alertmanager
  • Grafana integration
  • AWS PrivateLink
  • Multitenancy
  • High-availability & replication
  • Reliability & extraordinary performance with 99.95% SLA

* For a Starter tier of cluster deployment handling up to 250K active time series with 1 month retention period

Usage is metered per hour | AWS Marketplace & credit card payment available

How does Managed VictoriaMetrics work?

1. Deployment

Deploy Single-node & Cluster configurations of the fully-featured open-source VictoriaMetrics time-series database.

Enriched with enterprise capabilities like downsampling, retention filters and multitenancy.

2. Choice of Tier

Choose a deployment tier suitable for your workload.

Start ingesting & querying metrics data in minutes.

3. Isolated Environment

Every Managed VictoriaMetrics deployment runs in an isolated environment on AWS (GCP and Azure are in the roadmap).

Exposes easy-to-use endpoints for data ingestion and querying.

Key Features

Managed Prometheus
Managed VictoriaMetrics can be used as a Managed Prometheus - just configure Prometheus or vmagent to write data to Managed VictoriaMetrics & then use the provided endpoint as a Prometheus datasource in Grafana.
Compatible With Popular Ingestion Protocols
OpenTelemetry, InfluxDB, DataDog, NewRelic, OpenTSDB & Graphite ingestion protocols are supported, so you can easily push metrics from agents you’re already using.
Grafana Cloud Integration
Storing metrics in Managed VictoriaMetrics & visualizing them in Grafana Cloud is the most cost-efficient way to do monitoring. Just point your Prometheus datasource to the Managed VictoriaMetrics deployment.
AWS PrivateLink
AWS PrivateLink enables even more secure communication with Managed VictoriaMetrics deployments directly from your VPC.
Easy Scaling
Managed VictoriaMetrics deployments can be scaled up or down with just a few clicks in line with growth and needs.
Lower your disk footprint (and save on storage costs!) by keeping fewer data points for historical data and speed up queries for it, while preserving high precision for your operational data.
Retention Filters
Configure a custom retention period on a team (tenant) level or time series level by using label filters so that unneeded time series are wiped out freeing up storage space for new metrics data enabling additional cost savings.
Recording Rules
Improve query performance with recording rules, facilitating quicker data access & dashboard responsiveness.
Hosted VictoriaMetrics Solution
Comes with all the proven features in VictoriaMetrics open source & Enterprise. Supports VictoriaMetrics Single-node & Cluster configurations with automatic software version and security updates.
Alerting Rules & Alertmanager
Define your rules & get immediate alerts as issues arise, enabling swift action & minimizing disruption to your users.
Isolated Deployments
Managed VictoriaMetrics provisions dedicated resources for your deployments, so you won’t encounter “noisy neighbors” problems as deployments do not compete for resources.
Easily serve multiple teams (tenants) with one Cluster deployment by having a dedicated namespace for each team.
Automated Backups
Regular backup procedures are in place. Your data is automatically saved to a backup storage, so you can easily restore it when the need arises.

Key Benefits: Summary

Cost-efficient Scaling

Handles larger workloads than competing solutions at a far lower cost.

Only pay for the resources that you actually use (compute, disk and network).

Downsampling and retention filters features enable additional cost-savings.

Ease of Budgeting

Our pricing model protects you from surprise overages coming from unexpected changes in workload such as spikes in data ingestion rate, cardinality explosions or accidental heavy queries.

Ease of Use

The VictoriaMetrics team takes care of optimal configuration and handles all software maintenance, so you can focus on the monitoring.

Looking for cost-efficiency, transparency & predictability?
Typical Managed VictoriaMetrics Use Cases

Managed VictoriaMetrics is for teams and organizations that deal with medium to high volume of metrics.
You’re at the right place if you are:
Looking to get started with monitoring
Looking for a new monitoring solution
An existing VictoriaMetrics user looking for a managed service
Looking for a managed Prometheus solution

Managed VictoriaMetrics:

Solves your scalability & reliability challenges
Comes with predictable pricing & doesn’t incur surprise overages

Managed VictoriaMetrics for Prometheus

  • Solve scalability issues by using Managed VictoriaMetrics as a Prometheus long-term storage
  • Obtain High Availability for Prometheus
  • Get single pane of glass by employing global querying capability for metrics collected from many sources
We recommend starting with a small Managed VictoriaMetrics deployment, you'll be surprised with the huge workload it can easily handle!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How is deployment usage metered?

Deployment usage in VictoriaMetrics Cloud is metered per-hour.

What billing options does VictoriaMetrics Cloud support?

The following billing options are available in VictoriaMetrics Cloud:

  • Monthly billing on pay-as-you-go basis
  • Annual / multi-year contract

Contact for more information.

How long is the billing cycle?

If you’re paying for the service via card then charges will occur monthly at the end of the billing period, which begins on the day you added your card. For example, if you added the card on December 5th, charge will happen on the 5th day of every subsequent month.

In case you’re using AWS Marketplace - the bill for the previous month is finalized at the beginning of each new month. The bill is charged usually between the 3rd and the 5th day of the month. Learn more at AWS Knowledge Center.

How can I control my costs?

When you’re creating or making changes (up or down-scaling compute resources and changing a disk size) to your deployment you’ll see an exact cost of your compute and storage resources. The variable part of the total cost is network traffic which you can control using the Usage dashboard.

How does the trial period work?

Upon registering your account with VictoriaMetrics Cloud, you will receive $200 in credits automatically. These credits are valid for utilization over the following 7 days.

As the trial period concludes, you will receive a notification prompting you to set up a payment method if you intend to continue using the service.

What cloud providers and regions are supported?

Currently we run all deployments on AWS in eu-central-1, eu-west-1, us-east-2. If you have a preference for another AWS region, please contact us at

Where is VictoriaMetrics Cloud hosted?

VictoriaMetrics Cloud control plane is hosted on AWS.

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