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Managed VictoriaMetrics: The Easy-to-Configure-and-Run Monitoring Solution

Managed VictoriaMetrics allows users to run the VictoriaMetrics that they know and love on AWS without the need to perform typical DevOps tasks such as proper configuration, monitoring, logs collection, access protection, software updates, backups, etc.
Ease of Use
No extra complexity
Peace of mind
No Maintenance Burden

Ideal, Fast and Cost-effective Solution for the Following Use Cases

Managed Service For Prometheus
Long-term Remote Storage for Prometheus
Global Querying View
Start Free Trial With a $200 Starter Offer

Managed VictoriaMetrics - The Right Choice

Just a highly efficient TSDB with all the benefits that VictoriaMetrics is famous for!

Managed VictoriaMetrics is for users who prefer:

  • Cost-efficiency
  • Predictability
  • No extra conditions
  • No hidden costs
  • Transparency
  • Managed Solutions

Managed VictoriaMetrics supports:

  • Prometheus remote write
  • DataDog
  • InfluxDB
  • CSV and other protocols
We recommend starting with a small, Managed VictoriaMetrics instance - you'll be surprised with the huge workload it can easily handle!
Start Free Trial With a $200 Starter Offer

How does Managed VictoriaMetrics work?

1. We run Managed VictoriaMetrics instances in our environment on AWS for you while providing easy-to-use endpoints for data ingestion and querying.
2. The VictoriaMetrics team takes care of all optimal configuration and software maintenance.
Managed Service For Prometheus
Just configure Prometheus or vmagent to write data to Managed VictoriaMetrics and then use the provided endpoint as a Prometheus datasource in Grafana.
Isolated Environments
Every Managed VictoriaMetrics instance runs in an isolated environment so instances aren’t able to interfere with each other.

Key Features

Scales up or down with just a few clicks
Automated backups
Highly optimized VictoriaMetrics core
Automated alerts and notifications

Key Benefits

Handles bigger workloads than competing solutions at a far lower cost.
Optimized Hardware Spend
Only pay for the compute resources that you actually use (instance type, disk and network).
Ease of Use
The VictoriaMetrics team takes care of optimal configuration and handles all software maintenance.
Ease of Budgeting
Costs don’t depend on unexpected changes in workload such as spikes in data ingestion rate, active time series or heavy queries.
Start Free Trial With a $200 Starter Offer

Observability: Dashboards & Alerts

We’ve made it easy for you to get started with dashboards and alerting with these sets of tools that we invite you to check out.

VictoriaMetrics Dashboards

Our Grafana dashboards contain visualizations of the most useful metrics displaying current state & performance of the service. Choose from the following:
  • Single Node VictoriaMetrics Dashboard
  • VictoriaMetrics Cluster Dashboard
  • vmagent Dashboard
  • vmalert Dashboard

VictoriaMetrics Alerts

We provide the following alert rules that cover base health check for VictoriaMetrics installations:
  • Single node VictoriaMetrics & vmagent Services
  • VictoriaMetrics Cluster Services

Watch Your Monitoring SkyRocket With VictoriaMetrics!

Who Uses VictoriaMetrics?

Our users and customers are typically:
Seeking a long term storage solution for Prometheus.
Reaching limits of their current monitoring solutions and seeking a better option than InfluxDB, Thanos, Cortex, Graphite, Zabbix etc.
Getting started with monitoring and planning ahead for the best available solution.

Some of Our Users & Customers

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