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Simplifies monitoring

Offload non-trivial operational tasks for metrics storage such as configuration, capacity planning, backups, updates and scalability to VictoriaMetrics. Just add a few lines to Prometheus config. Read more

Global query view

Query all the metrics your Prometheus instances collect via a single Prometheus-compatible datasource. Read more

Designed to be fast

Fast query engine. It excels on heavy queries over thousands of metrics with millions of data points. Single-node VictoriaMetrics outperforms moderately sized Thanos cluster. Read more

Native PromQL support

VictoriaMetrics supports native PromQL. There is no need in learning yet another query language. VictoriaMetrics extends PromQL with useful features. Read more

Long Term Storage

VictoriaMetrics supports wide range of retention periods starting from 1 month. It compresses on-disk data better than competitors, so it may handle longer retentions without downsampling. Read more

Common Table Expressions

Improve and simplify your queries by using WITH templates and PromQL extensions




Ingestion benchmarks with inch: InfluxDB vs VictoriaMetrics



When size matters — benchmarking VictoriaMetrics vs Timescale and InfluxDB


High cardinality data

High-cardinality TSDB benchmarks: VictoriaMetrics vs TimescaleDB vs InfluxDB


Vertical scalability

Measuring vertical scalability for TimescaleDB and InfluxDB in Google Cloud

ingestion chart
query chart

Start working with VictoriaMetrics

Grafana image

Grafana playground

Grafana playground uses Prometheus-compatible datasource for VictoriaMetrics. The datasource supports native PromQL plus PromQL extensions. Explore dasboards and try editing queries

Grafana playground
CTE image

Simplify complex PromQL with CTE

Feel the power of CTE for PromQL at `WITH` playground

WITH playground

Single-node version

Try single-node version of VictoriaMetrics

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Cluster version

Try cluster version of VictoriaMetrics