The Aspiring Monitoring Solution

Designed to collect, store, and observe metrics.
Designed for the future that’s coming.
Meet open-source VictoriaMetrics.

What monitoring of the future actually is

Back in the Iron Age we created a time-series database. The best place for your metrics. Then we extended it with MetricsQL query language, removed the difference between push and pull, added alerting, and made the whole system protocol-agnostic. One thing led to another and here we introduce you to VictoriaMetrics at its best. For now.

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Get light-speed access to your data

Stop waiting. Need to aggregate a million unique metrics? We are the fastest. 

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Works out of the box

No technical difficulties will block your architectural ambitions. It’s a single binary.

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Keep metrics in space-size storage

You can store as many metrics as you want. 3x-100x more on the same-size disks compared to others.

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Execute ideas without language barrier

Collect metrics with any protocol that suits you. Observe them with flexible and user-friendly MetricsQL. 

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We’re not perfect yet.
We’re just better than any other solution.
Here’s why:

★ Better query experience

MetricsQL, inspired by PromQL, provides additional functions and usability improvements to process complex queries.

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★ Protocol-agnostic

VictoriaMetrics supports Graphite, Prometheus, OpenTSDB and Influx protocols. Don’t limit yourself to a single option.

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★ Flexible setup

Small but brave vmagent opens new opportunities for collecting metrics from various sources and storing them to VictoriaMetrics.

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★ Machine learning

We’re working hard to leverage the power of ML to make forecasts, detect anomalies, and perform other miracles. And we’re about to announce it.

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★ Enterprise-Ready Product

We're offering automated snapshot and backup, advanced multi-tenancy and authentication options for security compliance. 

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Lowest sample size

With VictoriaMetrics, you don’t have to worry about the retention period and roll-ups to keep your data safe, as it has up to 70 times better compression than other solutions can provide. 

Check out the amount of 2-year retention metrics you can store on a 2TB disk.

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High ingestion rate

VictoriaMetrics saves RAM, CPU, disk and network resources while providing up to 10 times higher ingestion rate than any other solution.

Comparison will be ready soon!

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Fast query performance

Your data is always at your fingertips—in a single or global query view on Grafana. Response time is so small that it can be neglected.

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Enterprise Support

Ground Control is here to provide enhanced technical support, architectural and security guidance, help with adoption and integration, and performance analytics. 
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See how your monitoring rockets with VictoriaMetrics  

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