The Supercharged, High Performance Time Series Database & Monitoring Solution

Store Millions of Data Points Per Second on a Single Instance, or Scale to a High-Load Monitoring System Across Multiple Data Centers
VictoriaMetrics Enterprise is the fastest open-source monitoring solution and time series database supercharged with custom features, expert architectural guidance and priority support.
VictoriaMetrics Enterprise for organisations:
Build powerful & scalable monitoring platforms with the lowest possible operational burden
Store millions of data points per second on a single instance
Scale to a high-load monitoring system across multiple data centers

How VictoriaMetrics Enterprise Works

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise is powered by a number of components that build on everything that is included in VictoriaMetrics, making it the fastest open-source monitoring solution on the market extended with custom features, architectural guidance and priority support.

The VictoriaMetrics Enterprise Components

VictoriaMetrics Single+
VictoriaMetrics Cluster+
VictoriaMetrics Single+

Hassle-free monitoring solution that can easily handle 10M+ of active time series with a single instance. Perfect for small and medium environments.

VictoriaMetrics Cluster+

Highly available and horizontally scalable monitoring solution optimized for high performance. Supports multiple independent namespaces (aka multi-tenancy) and replication. The cluster version is preferable for large or rapidly growing environments.


Executes a list of given alerting or recording rules against configured addresses and tenants.


A proxy for VictoriaMetrics, which includes the following features:

  • SSO, LDAP, JWT Token Authentication and Access Control
  • Flexible per-tenant read/write limiting

Backup Manager automates regular backup procedures, so you can access your data at all times, incl.

  • Multiple Backup Intervals
  • S3, GCS, Local or Custom Destinations

Even when you’re faced with a previously unseen issue, vmanomaly will detect it through custom models carefully selected and pre-trained by our engineers.

Why Use VictoriaMetrics Enterprise

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise is for organisations of any size for whom monitoring is mission-critical and who are looking for performance, scalability and security combined with the peace of mind that comes with our world-class technical support.

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