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Scaling to trillions of metric data points

by Razorpay Engineering on Jul 30, 2021

As a fintech organization, we move billions of dollars every month. Our customers and merchants have entrusted us with a paramount responsibility. To handle our ever-growing business, building a robust observability stack is not just “nice to have”, but absolutely essential. And all of this starts with better monitoring and metrics.


Monitoring of multiple OpenShift clusters with VictoriaMetrics

by Rafal Szypulka, IBM Garage on Jul 1, 2021

In this article, I will describe a simple setup of centralized monitoring based on VictoriaMetrics for a couple of OpenShift clusters.


VictoriaMetrics vs OpenTSDB

by John Seekins on Jun 29, 2021

I’ve written a number of times recently about TSDBs at $JOB. For the last few years, we’ve been using OpenTSDB. It’s been…a mixed bag. Let’s get into how much happier we are with VictoriaMetrics…


API Monitoring With Prometheus, Grafana, AlertManager and VictoriaMetrics

by NordicAPIs on Jun 9, 2021

When you integrate your software with bank APIs, you open a range of possibilities. But how do you control all of this? How can you monitor the services that support these interactions? Are they working correctly? The answer to these questions is monitoring, which can be achieved using Prometheus, AlertManager, Grafana, and VictoriaMetrics.


Compiling a Percona Monitoring and Management v2 Client in ARM: Raspberry Pi 3 Reprise

by Agustín Gallego, Percona on May 26, 2021

In this follow-up blog to Compiling a Percona Monitoring and Management v2 Client in ARM Architecture, we will show what changes are needed to get the latest versions of PMM working on ARM architecture. The latest versions will need the vmagent for supporting the newly added VictoriaMetrics functionality.


Fly's Prometheus Metrics

by on May 13, 2021

There’s two reasons we’ve written this post. The first is just that we think this stuff is interesting, and that the world can always use another detailed case study. The second, though, is that the work we’re going to describe is now part of our public API, and you can piggyback your own application metrics on top of ours. Our hope is, the more we describe this stuff, the more likely you are to get value out of it.


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