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The (Almost) Infinitely Scalable Open Source Monitoring Dream

by Adrian Bridgwater - Forbes on Aug 16, 2022

Because open source IT monitoring solutions will need to become as close to ‘infinitely scalable’ as possible, there has been a lot of debate as to just how far current tools can extend. San Francisco CA-headquartered VictoriaMetrics, has designed its whole offering around this scalability challenge.


The Open Source Monitoring Of VictoriaMetrics Achieves New Milestones

by Laveesh Kocher - OpenSourceForU on Aug 10, 2022

VictoriaMetrics has achieved numerous milestones in the last year to deal with the enormous development in time series data use cases and the difficulty of monitoring them.


VictoriaMetrics: An open-source data platform helping satellites get to orbit

by Leigh McGowran - Silicon Republic on Aug 5, 2022

VictoriaMetrics’ data monitoring platform will be used by Open Cosmos as it looks to launch low-Earth orbit satellites.


Safeguarding the open source model amidst big tech involvement

by Dima Lazerka - InformationAge on Jul 18, 2022

Dima Lazerka, co-founder of VictoriaMetrics, discusses how the open source model community can be safeguarded amidst increasing big tech involvement


VictoriaMetrics and Open Cosmos boldly takes edge computing to the edge of space

by Palm Bay Herald on Jul 15, 2022

Open-source scale-up VictoriaMetrics announces key role in solving the Earth’s biggest problems from space with flexible scalable edge computing capabilities.


Discover 5 Top Database Management Solutions developed by Startups

by StartUs Insights on Mar 18, 2022

Discover 5 global database management startups & scaleups in this data-driven report & learn how their solutions impact your business!


Superset BI with Victoria Metrics

by cer6erus on Sep 22, 2021

Superset is gaining popularity among users especially Business/Product Owners and people who would like to create Business Intelligence graphs. Unfortunately it does not support Prometheus protocol at the moment of writing, therefore can not be used for DevOps’ish or Telemetry BI. This can be resolved with a very popular in Data Scientists circles data aggregation framework— Trino. It allows us to gather and transform data from different sources. Let’s see how it can help us extract data from VM and pass it into Superset for plotting and visualisation.


Choosing a Time Series Database for High Cardinality Aggregations

by Abios Gaming Engineering on Sep 14, 2021

We have used Grafana and Prometheus for our operational insights, which collects performance metrics for us to see how our systems are performing. However, when we wanted to determine specific request patterns, we ran into issues related to high cardinality labelling. After some testing, the most promising results for resolving the issue have been using VictoriaMetrics.


Install and configure VictoriaMetrics on Debian

by VULTR on Sep 1, 2021

VictoriaMetrics is a fast, cost-effective, and scalable monitoring solution and time-series database. VictoriaMetrics can be used for long-term remote storage for Prometheus. VictoriaMetrics is written in the Go programming language, so it installs without any external dependencies.


Push Prometheus metrics to VictoriaMetrics or other exporters

by Python Awesome on Jul 31, 2021

prometheus-push-client: Push metrics from your periodic long-running jobs to the existing Prometheus/VictoriaMetrics monitoring system.


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