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VictoriaMetrics: Cost-of-scale and complexity reduction for time-series observability data

by Jason English - Intellyx on Nov 1, 2022

VictoriaMetrics was at KubeCon NA 2022 demonstrating an open source time-series observability database optimized to meet the demands of fast-scaling Kubernetes application environments at low cost, with a managed service option for supporting customers.


VictoriaMetrics: we are not amused by poor time series monitoring

by Adrian Bridgwater - Inside Analysis on Oct 31, 2022

Insisting that its solutions are simultaneously scalable, reliable, easy to use and cost-efficient, VictoriaMetrics says that its products address the needs of organizations with increasingly complex data volumes and the demand for an ever-better observability platform.


Monitoring with fully managed service on AWS is simplified, says VictoriaMetrics

by The Evolving Enterprise on Oct 28, 2022

Database monitoring solution, VictoriaMetrics, has now released Managed VictoriaMetrics on AWS Marketplace. The release marks an addition to the company’s core open source offering, which users install, configure and optimise themselves.


VictoriaMetrics simplifies monitoring with fully managed service on AWS

by David Marshall - on Oct 26, 2022

Scalability lies at the heart of VictoriaMetrics’ ethos and Managed VictoriaMetrics instances can be scaled up or scaled down in a few clicks. The product can also be used as Managed Prometheus, seamlessly integrating with the popular monitoring system.


As use cases for time series monitoring soar, open source start up widens market through simplicity and scalability

by Digitalisation World on Oct 26, 2022

VictoriaMetrics, the fast, scalable, time series database monitoring solution, has released Managed VictoriaMetrics on AWS Marketplace. The release marks an exciting addition to the company’s core open source offering, which users install, configure and optimise themselves.


Limiting the Cost of Scale

by Roman Khavronenko - The New Stack on Oct 15, 2022

Understanding the drivers behind your need to scale and the indicators you’re looking for will help you decide which route is best for your organization. To allow businesses to store as much data as they need, without crippling costs, it’s crucial we limit the cost of scale.


Is the hype around data monitoring solutions justified?

by Karan Virdi - iTMunch on Sep 21, 2022

VictoriaMetrics, a startup based out of San Francisco offers a bunch of solutions with scalability as the core theme of all their offerings. The company announced that it has reached 50 million downloads in 2022. So, what is the catch here and why is VictoriaMetrics doing so well?


How Open Cosmos is using open source tools to enable alert monitoring in space

by Gary Flood - diginomica on Sep 15, 2022

Open source and cloud technologies have been key for Open Cosmos to customize their way of handling space-based equipment alerts. Open Cosmos selected the enterprise version of Ukraine-based data monitoring and observability platform VictoriaMetrics to meet these challenges.


5 distributed tracing tools to ease application monitoring

by Emily Foster - TechTarget on Sep 14, 2022

DevOps and IT teams can use distributed tracing to monitor microservices and ensure applications run smoothly. Explore five tools to help pinpoint any system issues.


Monitoring at Scale with VictoriaMetrics

by Julien Menan - Bedrock Streaming on Sep 5, 2022

Why and how we migrated our monitoring stack of our Kubernetes clusters at Bedrock from Prometheus to VictoriaMetrics. This was an important and critical subject for us, as monitoring is a critical need. Now our monitoring stack, based entirely on VictoriaMetrics, is robust and capable of absorbing large load peaks.


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