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VictoriaMetrics Enterprise is a commercial offering provided by the creators of VictoriaMetrics to help solve your organization’s monitoring and observability set ups - even the most complex ones.

The larger and more complex your setup the more value that we can provide.

High Availability
Expert Support

Designed to Make Your Job Easier

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise combines the popular and proven open source VictoriaMetrics with:
Enterprise-Grade Features
Problem-Solving Services
Support From Our Core Team
Expert Guidance
For organizations with mission-critical, large or rapidly scaling monitoring environments.
VictoriaMetrics Enterprise includes support conducted directly by our core team who are recognized experts in VictoriaMetrics, monitoring and software engineering.
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Top Features

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise includes all the features of open source VictoriaMetrics plus:


Enterprise Support

Top Features

Enjoy direct contact with our engineers to get technical support, architectural and security guidance, help with adoption, integration and performance analysis.

  • Strict SLA for response times
  • Online support
  • Dedicated chat rooms
  • Priority bug fixing
  • Custom integrations and features development available

Architectural & Security Guidance

Top Features

Review of your existing monitoring & VictoriaMetrics architecture including:

  • Migration paths on how to best architecture VictoriaMetrics
  • Best practices to optimally prepare VictoriaMetrics for future load
  • Guidance on how to build the most robust, performant, efficient & scalable system possible

Monthly audit:

  • Review architectural implementation & recent support activity
  • Product roadmap updates: Latest & upcoming features of note
  • MoM- Analysis of state of VictoriaMetrics:
    • Data usage - scalability & capacity assessment
    • Cardinality of data

Verification & checks on how secure your VictoriaMetrics is (installation & access to data)

MoM - Enterprise Monitoring

Top Features

Anomaly Detection

Top Features

Automated Backups

Top Features

Managing VictoriaMetrics is made easy with automated backups

  • Point-in-time backups and recovery
  • Incremental backups to save network bandwidth and reduce backup time
  • Integration with Amazon S3, Google Cloud Storage, Azure Blob Storage or MinIO
  • Automated backup schedule & retention
  • Customizable scheduling options
  • Monitoring of your VictoriaMetrics backups routine

Multi-tenant Statistics & Rate Limiting

Top Features
  • Provides you with a per-tenant breakdown
  • Lets you understand the load generated by each tenant
  • Lets you apply limits to tenants independently

Track and rate limit per-tenant workloads based on the following metrics:

  • Ingestion rate
  • Active time series
  • Series churn rate
  • Queries rate

Per-tenant statistics can be used in the following cases:

  • Building internal Billing for every tenant: Understand the set up cost when providing VictoriaMetrics as a monitoring solution for many organizations, teams, or customers.
  • Easily define VictoriaMetrics TSDB overwhelming by one tenant: Set up soft and hard limits to prevent it from happening.


Enterprise Authentication & Security

Top Features

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise provides options to:

  • Dynamically limit and route user data ingestion and readings streams
  • Have a single dashboard or entry point, but every user will see their own data in isolation from other users
  • Natively integrate with user providers and visualization tools

The following authentication standards are supported:

  • JWT
  • OIDC
  • SSO

Strict CVE Vulnerabilities SLA

Top Features
  • CVE Vulnerabilities Support
    • 3 business days for fixing CVE vulnerabilities in the Enterprise version
    • In open source users use the software at their own risk
  • Priority bug fixing
    • If something doesn't work as intended, we will focus on it until a resolution is reached.
  • Option to port fixes to LTS release even after the official support stops (on a by-contract basis)
    • We support LTS releases for 1 year
    • Option to backport fixes

Compliance Readiness

Top Features

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise

  • Lets you build zero-trust architectures, which help meet a number of different compliance requirements (such as FedRamp, etc.).
  • Supports mTLS between cluster components & secured communication for every other VictoriaMetrics product as well.


Retention per Label/Filter

Top Features

Customize retention period per per tenant, metric or label:

  • Custom retention per team, environment or any custom metrics selector
  • Provide an option to configure custom retention periods to your customers

Downsampling / Rollups

Top Features
  • Save 2-10x the amount of disk space, resulting in the savings of tens of thousands of dollars in storage costs
    • The rollups tool rewrites old data with a configurable, lower sample rate
  • Improve performance (query speed) as VictoriaMetrics needs to analyze fewer data points
  • Store data collected with a high frequency (eg. every 15 seconds) for a month & choose to store one sample per hour, day or whatever frequency is desired for subsequent months

Multi-tenant Alerting

Top Features
  • Easily setup and manage alerts across multiple tenants
  • Setup alerts routing based on tenant
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VictoriaMetrics Enterprise - Benefits

VictoriaMetrics Enterprise helps make our customers successful by cost-efficiently providing them with best-in-class support, enterprise-grade features, security, and guidance for future scaling.
Expert guidance to make sure that your system is set up to be reliable, performant and efficient.
Peace of mind knowing that if you have any questions or should anything go wrong in production our experts will be there to quickly assist.
The ability to build a powerful and scalable monitoring platform with less operational burden.
The technology to store millions of data points per second on a single instance, or scale to a high-load monitoring system across multiple data centers.
The resources to store 10x more data using the same compute and storage resources as alternative solutions, which results in significant cost savings.
Expert advice for future scaling from 1 to 10x or 100x.
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The VictoriaMetrics Enterprise Components

VictoriaMetrics Single+
VictoriaMetrics Cluster+
VictoriaMetrics Single+
  • Hassle-free monitoring solution that can easily handle 10s of millions of active time series with a single instance
  • Perfect for small and medium environments
VictoriaMetrics Cluster+
  • Highly available and horizontally scalable monitoring solution optimized for high performance
  • Supports multiple, independent namespaces (aka multi-tenancy) and replication
  • The cluster version is preferable for large or rapidly growing environments
  • Executes a list of given alerting or recording rules against configured addresses
  • Includes multi-tenancy support

vmgateway is a proxy for the VictoriaMetrics Time Series Database (TSDB), which includes the following:

  • SSO, OIDC, JWT Token Authentication and Access Control
  • Flexible per-tenant read/write limiting

Access Your Data At All Times

  • Your data will always be available & will never be lost (no matter what happens to your storage)
  • Automatically save your data to a backup storage based on the schedule you specify

This service automates regular backup procedures

  • Supports the following backup intervals: hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.
  • Multiple backup intervals may be configured simultaneously.
  • Natively integrated into VictoriaMetrics helm-charts and vmoperator
  • Compatible with VictoriaMetrics Single-Node and Cluster versions
  • Automated Regular Backup and Retention Procedure
  • S3, GCS, Azure Blob Storage, Local or Custom Destinations
  • Automated Restoration Procedure
  • Kubernetes Native Integration as a sidecar: VictoriaMetrics runs vmbackupmanager together with vmstorage or single-node
  • It goes with metrics, alerting and dashboards to provide better reliability
  • Puts AI in charge of forecasts & anomaly detection
  • Detects previously unseen issues, through custom models carefully selected & pre-trained by our engineers
  • Custom machine learning integration
  • Pre-trained selected models
  • Seamless installation
  • Time series format native Support
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