The fastest open-source monitoring solution extended with custom features, architectural guidance and priority support. Enterprise Prometheus is ready to use!

Ground Control is here for enterprise support

Feeling lost in space? Contact our engineers and get technical support, architectural and security guidance, help with adoption, integration and performance analytics.

  • Strict SLA for response time
  • Online support
  • Dedicated chat rooms
  • Priority bug fixing
  • Custom integrations

Put AI in charge of forecasts and anomaly detection

Even when you’re faced with a problem that’s never happened before, vmanomaly will detect it through custom models carefully selected and pre-trained by our engineers.

  • Custom machine learning integration
  • Pre-trained selected models
  • Seamless installation

Implement advanced security standards

Store metrics in accordance with your company’s security requirements—ensure different permission levels and authentication/authorization options.

  • Role-based read/write access
  • SSO, LDAP and custom integrations

Get access to your data under any circumstances

None of your data is going to be lost no matter what may happen to your storages — vmbackupmanager will automatically save the data to a backup storage due to a custom schedule.

  • Automated regular backup procedure
  • Multiple backup intervals
  • S3, GCS, local or custom destinations

External monitoring for VM Cluster

Your monitoring is doing a great job getting you alerted if something goes wrong with the infrastructure. And we help you get alerted if something goes wrong with your monitoring itself.

  • Unlimited users
  • 5-year retention period
  • Unlimited alert integrations

Get the solution that fits your architectural ambitions

No matter what software you’re already using and how sophisticated demands you have, the universe of VictoriaMetrics will be open for you.

  • Custom integration with third-party software
  • Custom feature development

24h Support

Ground Control is here to provide enhanced technical support, architectural and security guidance, help with adoption and integration and performance analytics.

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