Case Study: Groove X

Device (Robot & Charge Station) Health Monitoring With VictoriaMetrics for Performance, Scalability & Metrics’ Correctness
Tokyo, Japan

Groove X is a robotics technology startup based in Tokyo, Japan, on a mission to bring out humanity´s full potential through robotics. It’s vision is to build trust between humanity and robots, to create companions for more enriched and secure living. Established in 2015, Groove X has raised over 5M Yen to help turn its mission into reality and has more than 80 employees.

Main Benefits of Using VictoriaMetrics

Low Latency
Metrics’ Correctness


We started out working with a Prometheus server and then migrated to Thanos.

The Thanos cluster also experienced a performance issue (long latency on requests) which led us to look for alternatives.


We heard from a partner company of ours that they were using VictoriaMetrics and recommended it to us.

We built an additional k8s cluster next to our original Thanos cluster and tried VictoriaMetrics in parallel for a while.

It was easier to manage and performed better for us so we eventually decided to switch to VictoriaMetrics.

Why VictoriaMetrics Was Chosen Over Other Solutions

Active Development

Performance and scalability are of critical importance to us. We use metrics in our daily work and long latency is a big problem and metrics' correctness is equally important.

VictoriaMetrics was the first solution we found that exceeded all of our stringent monitoring needs.

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