How ilert Can Help Enhance Your Monitoring With Its VictoriaMetrics Integration

by Jean-Jerome Schmidt-Soisson on May 24, 2024 3 Minutes Read

The ilert team have been working on an integration of VictoriaMetrics as part of their offering, and we’re happy to share this news today via this joint blog post.

Please read on to learn more about ilert and how this new integration of VictoriaMetrics can help enhance your monitoring.

Improving Monitoring & Alerting Capabilities

Continuity and efficiency are pivotal. The alignment of sophisticated monitoring solutions with responsive alerting systems is crucial for maintaining system integrity and performance. With this vision at its core, ilert is excited to unveil the latest addition to its robust catalog of integrations: VictoriaMetrics. This integration marks a significant advancement for DevOps teams and IT professionals who are striving to improve their monitoring and alerting capabilities.

The ilert Incident Management Platform

In an increasingly digitized world, ensuring system stability and performance is a never-ending task. That’s where ilert comes into play.

As an all-encompassing incident management platform, ilert recognizes the vital role of uninterrupted operations in any fast-paced business. It offers cutting-edge features for alerting, on-call management, and incident communications. When incidents occur within your systems, ilert is there to guarantee that the right team members are notified and ready to take action, minimizing downtime and its associated costs.

The integration of VictoriaMetrics with ilert creates a seamless environment where real-time metrics are transformed into actionable alerts. This powerful combination ensures critical events are never missed, enabling teams to respond and resolve incidents promptly. The integration also enhances on-call management, allowing teams to handle monitoring anomalies with a structured, informed approach, and ensuring there’s always an on-call professional to address any irregularities.

With ilert integration for VictoriaMetrics, you can:

  • Get alerted about issues detected in VictoriaMetrics, via voice calls, SMS, push, messenger notifications, and many other channel options.
  • Establish recurring on-call schedules that you don’t have to check manually: ilert app will notify you whenever it’s your shift.
  • Leverage status pages to communicate incidents to clients and stakeholders promptly.
  • Use AI features for rapid incident communication and thorough postmortem creation.

Step-by-step instructions on how to connect VictoriaMetrics and ilert.

The ilert incident management platform

How ilert Augments VictoriaMetrics Functionality

The integration of VictoriaMetrics and ilert creates a potent combination, ensuring not just comprehensive monitoring but also unparalleled alert responsiveness.

Real-Time Alerts with Precision

ilert amplifies VictoriaMetrics’ capabilities through a refined alerting system that turns real-time metrics into actionable alerts. The integration enables teams to set up custom alert thresholds based on VictoriaMetrics data, so significant metrics deviations or anomalies immediately prompt an alert. ilert allows for alerts sourced from VictoriaMetrics data to be sent through email, SMS, phone calls, or direct messages within platforms like Slack or Microsoft Teams.

With this integration, alerts are automatically escalated until the issue is acknowledged. Critical notifications reach the right team members swiftly, reducing downtime and associated costs. Alerts that have a business impact can be turned into incidents, enabling a vast set of ilert features for prompt incident response.

VictoriaMetrics Alert Source Creation

On-Call Schedules for Proactive Monitoring

ilert brings structured on-call scheduling to VictoriaMetrics’ monitoring regime. Teams can allocate monitoring duties based on live metrics, assuring that there’s always an expert on standby to react to any irregularities, maintaining uninterrupted system reliability and performance.

Streamlined Communications

A standout advantage of this integration is the simplification of communication channels during crucial incidents. VictoriaMetrics users can now communicate incident details via status pages, collaborate on the incident resolution without leaving the preferred chat tool, and enable AI features for significant speed up. These and many more features are now available within ilert.

Elevating Your Monitoring Game with ilert and VictoriaMetrics

This collaboration encourages businesses to utilize the strengths of both platforms: the comprehensive monitoring capabilities of VictoriaMetrics along with the intelligent alerting and incident management system of ilert. By adopting this integration, organizations can not only prevent potential system failures but also proactively refine their operations for enhanced performance, reliability, and user satisfaction.

Learn more about how to connect ilert and VictoriaMetrics in the documentation.

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