VictoriaMetrics Statement re: Attack on Ukraine

by Roman Khavronenko on Feb 28, 2022 2 Minutes Read

Our Statement re: Putin’s War on Ukraine

As some of you reading this will know, many of us at VictoriaMetrics are either from Ukraine, live in Ukraine and/or have close ties to Ukraine.

We have thousands of users and customers across the globe who contribute to and enjoy our open source technology, many of whom are from Russia.

All of our team members in Ukraine are currently thankfully safe and we thank everyone who has shown support and concern for our team’s well-being since the war started.

We are in constant contact with each other and have had plans in place for the safety of our team members as well as for business continuity. As such, we have maintained our usual customer service levels and have answered user questions on time - we even won new customers just a couple of days ago.

So while everyone at VictoriaMetrics is safe for now, we feel the need to clearly take a stand.

This is our statement regarding the attack and war that were launched by Russia last Thursday, February 24th 2022, on Ukraine:

We strongly condemn Russia’s treacherous attack led by Vladimir Putin on Ukraine and its people, the bombing of Ukrainian cities and villages as well as the cyber & disinformation wars that Russia is also directing at Ukraine.

We stand by everyone in Ukraine fighting for our collective freedom and all those showing support and providing help.

We also stand by all those in Russia who are opposed to the war and are taking risks themselves by expressing their support for Ukraine and peace.

We created VictoriaMetrics as a space for open discourse, tolerance and mutual respect, creativity and fair competition for all.

We are makers of open source technology and we stand by all those who contribute to open societies.

With that said, we will take responsibility by blocking anyone coming to any of our channels with messages defending Putin’s war on Ukraine (such as we have already seen).

We will continue our work on VictoriaMetrics and we encourage our users to do the same as well as continue to contribute to the open source community at large.

We will continue to stay safe and do what we can alongside everyone else to protect Ukraine and achieve peace for all.

To everyone wanting to help, please consider contributing to the Come Back Alive Foundation:



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