Momentum: Announcing 268 Million Downloads & 320% Growth in 2023

by Jean-Jerome Schmidt-Soisson on Nov 3, 2023 2 Minutes Read

We’re happy to announce a landmark 320% growth in 2023!

VictoriaMetrics, our open source time series database and monitoring solution, already hit 268 million downloads this year (still counting), and received close to 13,000 stars on GitHub.

2023 Momentum in Numbers

  • 320% growth of our Enterprise offering
  • 268 million VictoriaMetrics downloads (and counting)
  • Up YoY by over 100 million
  • 23 Public repositories
  • 3,057 Participants
  • 12,902 GitHub stars earned

Some of the largest companies in the world are now customers and users of our simple, reliable and cost-efficient monitoring solution, including Grammarly, Criteo, Adidas, CERN, Roblox and Wix. As a result, our enterprise offering has grown exponentially, increasing by 320% over the last 12 months.

We’ll be talking about this year’s achievements as well as celebrating our 5th anniversary during our last meet up of the year on December 14th - please do join us to help us celebrate!

The most cost efficient product on the market

Enterprises flock to VictoriaMetrics thanks to its operational simplicity and outstanding data storage capacity, making it far more cost-efficient than competitors. This design reduces the energy required for data processing and storage by up to 90% compared to similar technologies. It uses significantly less CPU, RAM, and storage space compared to contemporaries, resulting in up to 10x cost savings for customers like Grammarly.

Make way for VictoriaLogs

A milestone for the team this year was the introduction of VictoriaLogs, built upon the same principles that have driven VictoriaMetrics since its inception: simplicity, reliability and cost-efficiency. Early feedback shows that VictoriaLogs is up to 30x less expensive than other open-source solutions for logs, requiring up to 30x less RAM and up to 15x less disk space than comparable production workloads.

VictoriaLogs is expected to hit over 10,000 downloads by the end of the year, six months after launching.

Roman Khavronenko, one of our Co-founders and engineer stated, “Our team is thrilled with the progress and feedback we’ve received this year, but it doesn’t stop there. We’re excited to see where our innovation and product development takes us in 2024”.

Growing team to meet demand

To meet the needs of our rapid user and customer growth we’re growing our product team.

VictoriaMetrics welcomes Ivan Yatskevich, who has over 16 years experience in engineering, to lead the development of its best-selling hosted monitoring solution, Managed VictoriaMetrics.

Fedir Navruzov, who has 12 years of analytical experience including recent Data Science Lead roles, joins VictoriaMetrics to develop the new and upcoming VictoriaMetrics Anomaly Detection. This will integrate seamlessly with other VictoriaMetrics components, providing a complete end-to-end solution for monitoring and observability needs.

Thank you, and please leave a comment below if you have any questions or feedback!

About VictoriaMetrics

Founded in Kyiv, Ukraine, now globally led and headquartered in the US, VictoriaMetrics is the scaleup leader in the category of open source time series database monitoring. The VictoriaMetrics management team came together following successful careers at Google, Lyft and Cloudflare to solve the hard problems around very large, constantly changing data types which they themselves had encountered. VictoriaMetrics now boasts 100+ million downloads and customers include Adidas, Grammarly and Wix.

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