Status Update: Our Team Is Safe and VictoriaMetrics Continues Full Speed Ahead

by Derek Foster on Apr 15, 2022 2 Minutes Read

As some of you will know, prior to the recent, terrible invasion by Russia, some members of the VictoriaMetrics team lived in Ukraine and we had issued a statement soon after the war started to make our position known.

We have since been fielding lots of messages from our Customers and Users concerned about their safety (thank you!) and whether there would be any disruption in the project and/or the business.

The past 7 weeks have frankly been very difficult for our team members based in Ukraine. Forced from their homes and worried for the safety of their family and friends as well as for the survival of their Nation.

This is a follow up to our statement from February 28th 2022.

Our Team

We are happy and relieved to share that most of our colleagues who lived in Ukraine (including our Founders and Core Software Engineers) have safely relocated into Western Europe with their families. All work of VictoriaMetrics continues, uninterrupted, full speed ahead with our regular releases and customer support.

We do have two great support engineers who are currently still in Ukraine. Our thoughts are with them and their families. They are still providing support to our Customers and Users which is incredible under the circumstances and so appreciated. In the case of any disruptions to their electrical grid or internet connection, their work can be picked up by their team members.

Overall, the VictoriaMetrics team is now globally distributed across the US, South Africa and several countries in Europe.

Our Business

We would like to confirm that VictoriaMetrics has and never had any servers in Ukraine. All of our work has always been hosted on AWS and GCP in Western Europe and the United States.

We would also like to note that we are no longer doing business with any firms based in Russia.

Our Thanks

We thank all of you for your support during this difficult time.

Please rest assured that VictoriaMetrics is working at full capacity and we are excited to continue working with all of you to continue giving you the best monitoring solution on the market.

We will continue to stay safe and do what we can alongside everyone else to protect Ukraine and achieve peace for all.

To everyone wanting to help, please consider contributing to the Come Back Alive Foundation:




The VictoriaMetrics Team

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